Orlando Franklin retires after 7-year NFL career

Orlando Franklin retires after 7-year NFL career More Orlando Franklin has retired after seven years in the NFL, the offensive lineman announced on his Instagram page Saturday. Franklin (6-5, 315 pounds) explained on social media that it was too hard for him to be a father to his son and a husband to his wife in Denver while he played in Washington, D.C. Retiring will allow him to spend more time with his family.

During the NFL Network’s coverage, Hall of Fame quarterback Troy Aikman had this to say about Jackson’s drop just before Baltimore moved up and made their pick:

When I was studying him, I thought he was a Day 2 guy. I’m not surprised that he hasn’t been taken off the board just yet. A couple of things hurt him—he didn’t time in the 40 at the combine, and he didn’t time in the 40 at his pro day. I felt that, going into your pro day, you play to your strengths. And his strength is, he can run. He runs real fast.

The other thing is, he was going to be a guy who was going to sit back and learn, and because of his athletic ability, would he have been able to help the team…with the ball in his hands, he’s a home run threat every time. Maybe teams didn’t think he’d be able to do that—maybe that’s what made him slide as well.

Their place in history is etched in granite and long past secure. There is still an opportunity, even as Tom Brady heads toward his age-41 season, to add to his mutual legacy with Belichick, which currently includes 15 AFC East titles, 14 seasons of 11 or more wins (no Patriots team had won more than 11 before they arrived), 12 AFC title game appearances, 8 trips to the Super Bowl, and 5 Super Bowl victories. They’ve accomplished more in 18 seasons together than most franchises have in their entire existence.

Maybe that reminder that the dynasty is still fully activated isn’t necessary. But too often I wonder if it is. I hear more lamenting about how Belichick’s decision to trade Jimmy Garoppolo for a second-round pick (an inexplicable decision given the limited return) than I do any appreciation for where the franchise still stands nearly two decades into the dynasty.

I suppose that’s a very Boston thing to do, to find something to gripe during a period of success that is the envy of every football fan outside our corner of the county. We are the city that didn’t laugh in collective are you kidding me?’’ hysterics when a local sportscaster warned we should be careful what we wish for after the Red Sox provided cathartic joy for generations in winning the 2004 World Series.tigers_135-115x115

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