Duane Brown not focused on contract situation with Seahawks

Duane Brown held out for the first six weeks of the 2017 season in hopes of leveraging a new contract from the Houston Texans.

While a new contract never developed in Houston, Brown was eventually traded to the Seattle Seahawks in October. He started the final nine games of the year for Seattle and appeared in the Pro Bowl as an alternate last January.

Walls was a great player who was a Hall of Fame finalist this year. He deserves to be remembered for a lot more than just being on the wrong end of a historic play, but Walls knows that if he had to get beaten for a big catch, it was good to get beaten by a man like Dwight Clark.

And the players may continue, regardless of whether the NFL continues to act like it’s in the middle of a minefield, without realizing that the bombs will keep going off even if the NFL keeps perfectly still.

You’re learning a new offense and going up against the best competition possible. So, yeah, there’s been a learning curve. But I’ve made some strides within the past week of practice that I’m proud of, and that’s all I can continue to do is keep striving and make a couple more.

Mayfield’s had to adjust to the simple things like taking snaps from center, and whether the Browns want to acknowledge it or not, passing over Stanton seems like a reasonably relevant development.

Which makes sense, given that Gase once worked for Saban.

After the draft, Gase addressed the decision to draft Fitzpatrick, among other things. And Gase surely knows Saban well enough to realize that, if Saban feels strongly enough about Fitzpatrick to heap that kind of praise on him, Fitzpatrick may be the real deal.

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