DeMarco Murray passed on chance to work out for Saints

DeMarco Murray is still looking for work, but he’s apparently not interested in being a temp.

The Wonderlic might ask: ‘What’s one-half of one-fourth?’ What we want to know is: ‘How does someone scan the playing field and look for the most relevant details?’ We felt that kind of identification for details was of greater importance.

Bowman earned his master’s degree in psychology from St. John’s University and has been licensed in New York since 2007, working extensively with children and adolescents. Goldman, who earned his masters and doctorate degrees in clinical and school psychology from Hofstra, is the director of performance psychology at Michigan. They began developing the test in 1998 after wondering why quarterbacks Peyton Manning and Ryan Leaf were viewed as near equals going into the NFL draft but had such drastically different NFL careers.

Yes, it came on a track and not on a field. Sure, it was hand timed. Still, the guy is 44-year-old. So the bottom line is that T.O. can still move, eight years after he last played.

He has wanted for years to get back in to the NFL, but there has been no interest in his services. That likely won’t be changing, regardless of how fast he can still run.

The new Madden game comes out in August and, to little surprise, the new Super Bowl champions to little surprise have the highest rating in the game.

Via the Sunday Night Football Twitter account, the Eagles have a 90 rating as a team. That’s six points higher than the Patriots, who come in second at 84.

The Falcons, Steelers, and Saints each rate an 83, and the Vikings and Jaguars come in at 82.

The Cowboys, Titans, and Raiders triggered an 81, and the Rams surprisingly register an 80, along with the Seahawks and Chiefs.

At the bottom of the barrel are the Jets, at 72.

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