Backup goalies got some decent money and plenty of term during the free-agent frenzy.

Carter Hutton got three years at $2.75 million per season from the Sabres, Jonathan Bernier got three years at $3 million per season from the Red Wings, and Jaroslav Halak got two years at $2.75 million from the Boston Bruins. Cam Ward, meanwhile, got $3 million out of the Chicago Blackhawks for one season, a team that’s already paying Corey Crawford $6 million against the cap next season. It was a good day to be a goalie.

This year’s free-agency period was fun. Next year was supposed to include the most razzle dazzle we’ve seen in a while — except suddenly, things aren’t shaping up that way.

With a gray and blue Thunder snapback pulled tightly over his head, Paul George stepped off a private jet to shake hands with head coach Billy Donovan and GM Sam Presti while a horde of fans behind a chain-link fence baked in the heat of an Oklahoma summer.

André Snellings, ESPN Fantasy: The league has the potential to be imbalanced in a way it hasn’t been since the Boston Celtics traded for Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett in 2007. In the decade before that deal, the West ruled the NBA with an iron fist. With the Heat and the Cavs, James led the Eastern Conference champions for eight consecutive seasons, winning three titles and always giving his team a puncher’s chance. The East will need the Celtics to step up or the 76ers to grow up quickly to stay relevant in the championship conversation.

Chris Herring, FiveThirtyEight: Mostly that we could really use 1-16 seeding in the playoffs at this point. The best players — and, by definition, best teams — are all in the West. That was already the case before, and now even more so.

The panel of independent arbitrators for PED positive tests consists of lawyers who are jointly selected and compensated by the league and the NFL Players Association. So the player who has a strong argument that the league believes is weak doesn’t have to worry about a league executive or an independent hearing officer who really isn’t independent rubber stamping the league’s position.

As it relates to Patriots receiver Julian Edelman, it means that he had a full and fair chance to persuade a truly independent arbitrator that he shouldn’t be suspended, and that the independent arbitrator didn’t buy the arguments.

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